First Release Hero Bottles

First Release

2x 700ml BOTTLE SET available now from our online store 

The dream to create and release our very own premium Single Malt Whisky has finally come to fruition.

Each and every release is a unique individual expression encapsulating a snapshot of our small production history whilst showcasing the creative passions being explored each step of our journey.

Our 1st release includes 2x very individual whiskies from different 100L single casks, being sold as a set, including a Chardonnay cask matured and also a Tawny cask matured Single Malt Whisky..

Both of these whiskies individually won Silver awards at this years 2022 World Whiskies Awards in London, and as such have been bottled at that award strength.

As an added option, a smaller quantity has been bottled at a higher ‘Distiller’s Strength’ ABV edition.

These casks and styles of whisky stand alone in their own unique way and we don’t have anything else quite like them in our current inventory.

Standard Release SET – $549.00inc (+P&H)

Distillers Release SET  – $599.00inc (+P&H)

** Sales limited to Australian purchases only at this time **

Release info below….

Woodwater Bottle - Chardonnay Cask

Chardonnay Cask

Age: 4 years
Type: 100L French Oak, Medium Char
Cask No: WC6
Cask Origin: Geoff Hardy, McLaren Vale, SA
Mash Bill: Single (Export Pilsner)
Distilling Premise: MVD

White wine casks can sometimes be a unusual option for whisky maturation, but that didn’t stop us wanting to test working with them ourselves.

The single mash bill was with our pilsner base malt, however, to be bolder we tried an extra creative step… something that was a first for us.

During the spirit run of the distillation process, the fores and faints used came from a previous spirit run that was actually peated instead.

The result brings forth a beautiful buttery spirit with a smokey character integrating superbly to complement it further.

Tasting Notes

Standard Release – 51.3%

Nose: Freshly churned butter and light smoke present. Citrus zest, Marzipan and biscotti. Hints of vanilla and an touch of chamomile emerge. With warmth and time in the glass, grape skins and fresh oak appear.

Palate: Shortbread and cream meets smoke and pepper. Cured meats and charcuterie enter. Warmth and spice develop and tail off to White Oak.

Finish: Peat nuances present at the front but lead to light honey. Slightly drying oak.

Distiller’s Strength – 57.1%

Nose: Sugar syrup, crisp buttery almond cookies. Peat presents but is restraint. A dusting of icing sugar, vanilla bean. Chamomile tea and lime zest. Hint of pear skin.

Palate: Ginger snaps, vanilla custard and butter all meet with a little peat party. Crisp Oak.

Finish: More biscuits, tea, smoke and cured meats with oak entering again to round it off.

Woodwater Bottle - Tawny Cask

Tawny Cask

Age: 3 years and 3 months
Type: 100L French Oak, Heavy Char
Cask No: W12
Cask Origin:
Chapel Hill, McLaren Vale, SA
Mash Bill: Dual (Crystal roasted malt / Export pilsner)
Distilling Premise: MVD

We secured one of the final few Tawny casks left at the Chapel Hill Winery and had it cut down and heavily charred.

The dual grain mash bill was the first and to date the only time that we did a 50/50 split of a heavy roasted malt and our base malt.

The result of this cask and mash combo brings a divine, dark earthy tone rich and full in character.

Tasting Notes

Standard Release – 50.3%

Nose: Golden Syrup opens up to a dark bitter chocolate. Stewed stone-fruits, Danish pastry, black forest cake and glace cherries present. Wine gums, and lastly an earthy almost tree bark aroma rounds it out.

Palate: Initially quite soft. Marzipan and raisins upfront that quickly lead into a warming mouthfeel with more dark chocolate and then big oak profiles. Pepper and spice.

Finish: Light treacle, oak, orange rind and dark choc.

Distiller’s Strength – 58.6%

Nose: Mix of dried currants & dates. Manuka honey enters leading to rich dark fruitcake and slivered almonds. Hints of oak, sawdust and top soil waft in at the end.

Palate: Viscous. Dried raisins start and quickly lead into leather and tobacco. With time and warmth peking royal jelly and dark chocolates appear. Slight nuttiness, and pepper.

Finish: Dark red fruits and cacao. This leads to old oak and earthiness. Slightly drying with a savoury end leaving you wanting to quickly take another sip to wet the palate.

It has been our experience that they showcase their profiles, aromas and drink best around and above room temperature (between 18-23°C).

These whiskies deserve TIME, PATIENCE, and WARMTH in your glass.

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