Sixth Release

2024 World Whisky Awards – Silver Award
“Single Cask, NAS Single Malt Whisky”

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Woodwater Bottle - Muscat-Chardy Cask

Muscat / Chardonnay

SILVER AWARD: 2024 World Whisky Awards – “Single Cask, NAS Single Malt Whisky”

Bottling Strength: 67% ABV
Age: 5 years
Type: 100L Muscat Cask (French Oak) that was then used to mature McLaren Vale Chardonnay
Cask No: W7
Cask Origin:
McLaren Vale, SA
Mash Bill: Single (Export Pilsner)
Distilling Premise: MVD

This single cask has a fascinating backstory. Originally used to age Muscat for over 15 years, it was then repurposed to age Chardonnay from the McLaren Vale region.

This unique combination of flavours presented an intriguing and unique opportunity to craft an exceptional whisky.

The barrel was transformed into a 100L cask. To further explore its potential, it was wet filled with fresh Muscat to re-season it for three months before being emptied and filled with my New Make Spirit.

Fast forward to its fifth year of ageing, and the time has come to unveil this gem.

As an avid enthusiast of cask strength whisky, I revel in the explosion of flavours at full strength and found this spirit remarkably drinkable despite its exceptionally high ABV.

I encourage you to experience it neat before considering the addition of water to adjust it to your preferred strength.

This particular spirit benefits from some additional settling time after pouring. Allow it to rest and breathe in your glass to fully unveil its complexity and character.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Strawberry Jam, sugar syrup, jersey caramels and hints of burnt butter at the front. With time and air in the glass it reveals some underlaying cereal notes with a touch of heather. Nosing a little deeper into the glass brings a lovely bouquet of dried fruit mix.

Palate: Initially rich and grippy with some alcoholic warmth. Concentrated fruit and cream confectionary which then lead to drying oak. Candied almond and toffee with a slight vegetal note at the end.

Finish: Grandma’s tin of biscuits. Almond slivers with a dusting of icing sugar. A big oily mouthfeel that polishes the gums squeaky clean.

It has been our experience that they showcase their profiles, aromas and drink best around and above room temperature (between 18-23°C).

These whiskies deserve TIME, PATIENCE, and WARMTH in your glass.

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