WWD Red Gum Cask

Third Release

2023 World Whisky Awards – Bronze Award
“Single Cask, NAS Single Malt Whisky”

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Woodwater Bottle - Red Gum Cask

Red Gum Cask

BRONZE AWARD: 2023 World Whisky Awards – “Single Cask, NAS Single Malt Whisky”

Bottling Strength: 52% ABV
Age: 3 years
Type: 100L Red Gum Cask, Extra Heavy Toast
Cask No: W39
Cask Origin:
Barrosa Valley, SA
Mash Bill: Triple (Pilsner, Crystal roasted malt, chocolate malt)
Distilling Premise: RD

Introducing Woodwater’s RED GUM matured whisky.

One of the many wonderful things about producing whisky in Australia is being able to trial and experiment with non-traditional casks for spirit maturation. A change-up from working with traditional oak maturation was something I always planned to do, despite all the potential unknown’s this would bring.

Not being traditional oak, some challenges presented, such as difficulty in stave shaping and wood charring at the cooperage (it was a very tough process). Expected cask maturation performance was also something I was unclear about.

The Red Gum was sourced from an undisclosed winery in the Barossa Valley, having previously been vats holding fortified wine for approximately 20 years before being coopered in Tanunda, SA.

In order to complement the expected flavour profiles of the hard wood, the mash bill for the new make spirit was a blend of various malted barley grains, including roasted and chocolate malts.

The end result is a whisky that is truly and undeniably Australian.

I hope you enjoy and savour the flavours of Woodwater’s first Single Cask Red Gum matured whisky. – Mokky

Tasting Notes

Nose: Dark fruitcake, apricot jam and Mon Chéri to start. This leads into woodsy nuttiness with golden syrup and eucalypt aromas.

Palate: A soft mouthfeel before slight warming and spice which pass quickly. Dried fruits meet dark chocolate, burnt sugars, new leather and earthy timber.

Finish: Bitter chocolate and barrel char, moving to dried fig, hints of honey and then more earthy timber tones. A shorter savoury finish.

It has been our experience that they showcase their profiles, aromas and drink best around and above room temperature (between 18-23°C).

These whiskies deserve TIME, PATIENCE, and WARMTH in your glass.

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