WWD PX Honey Choc

Second Release

2022 World Whisky Awards – Category Winner
“Best Australian NAS, Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky”

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Woodwater Bottle - PX Honey Cask

PX Honey Cask

CATEGORY WINNER: 2022 World Whisky Awards – “Best Australian NAS, Single Cask,Single Malt Whisky”

Bottling Strength: 53.5% ABV
Age: 3 years and 1 month
Type: 100L French Oak, Heavy Char
Cask No: W24
Cask Origin:
Spanish PX Sherry
Mash Bill: Triple (Pilsner, Crystal roasted malt, chocolate malt)
Distilling Premise: MVD

This special PX sherry cask was imported from Spain, and delivered to a barrel broker in SA. He travelled with it, filling it with both Eucalyptus and Lucerne honey to season his honey with PX influence. After emptying the honey from the barrel I was given the opportunity to purchase the cask and thus was able to create this unique and wonderful whisky.

During the spirit run of the distillation process, the fores and faints history was made up of the same triple grain mash bill, but with some previously peated mash history included as well. This adds subtle charred undertones to the very rich and complex flavours and character.

From the nose to the finish, this whisky is remarkably engaging, with continual layers opening up the longer it breathes, and the warmer it gets. I suggest trying it with a few drops of water to further open the spirit and reveal some of its more nuanced characteristics.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich dried raisins and cherry choc meet light honey, buttery malt biscuit and wisps of char. More time reveals earthy tones reminiscent of forest bed scents.

Palate: The first sip brings a touch of spice intertwined with more raisins. This leads to burnt caramels and cream. Tobacco and dark oak present also. A lovely oily and viscous mouthfeel.

Finish: Fine milk chocolate, dried fruit mix, dark Manuka honey and the reprise of charring round out a medium finish.

It has been our experience that they showcase their profiles, aromas and drink best around and above room temperature (between 18-23°C).

These whiskies deserve TIME, PATIENCE, and WARMTH in your glass.

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