Single Malt Whisky

Hand crafted, Double Distilled, Premium South Australian Single Malt Whisky.

Our focus and intent is and has always been to produce the highest quality spirit possible and create world class whisky.

We have no ‘core range’ with our single malt whisky and currently anticipate we never will.

Every cask we have will produce and tell a uniquely different story due to it’s individual history, spirit mash bill, ferment times, particular spirit cuts, place of distillation, and maturation period.

It has been a love affair with experimentation and trying to push boundaries. We aim to showcase the quality and highlight the wonderful local attributes that make our products what they become, and proudly South Australian.

During our first year we began by using a single malted barley grain type for all our mashes. We really wanted to highlight the quality of casks we were choosing.. their provenance, freshness and history.

Curiosity and the search for additional flavour profiles (besides cask influence) created by multiple grains was then explored and has been since.

To date we’ve made whisky spirit in either single, double, triple and quad grain mashes. This is something we will continue to do.

Our ferment process is based on a minimum 5 day period which can fluctuate longer depending on the daily results at various times of the year.

Our first distillation is of the wort after ferment. This is done to achieve our ‘low wines’. This is taken and used for the second distillation to capture our ‘heart’ of the spirit which is what is used to fill our casks with.

We tend to fill our casks at 63.5% ABV, however we have experimented with alternate ABV’s as well.

Our inventory is patiently sleeping and maturing well.

At the time of our first release (July 2022) we currently have a very limited amount of whisky available, with only just over 50 casks (mainly 100L) maturing to date.