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Oloroso Cask

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Woodwater Bottle - Muscat-Chardy Cask

Oloroso Cask

Bottling Strength: 61.4% ABV
Age: 4 years and 2 month
Type: 100L Spanish Oloroso Sherry Cask (Heavy Char) + Apera Cask (Heavy Char)
Cask No: W20 (99%) + W2.2 (1%)
Cask Origin:
Spanish Oloroso Sherry
Mash Bill: Quad – Pilsner (65%), Crystal Malt (20%), UK Peated Malt (10%), Chocolate Malt (5%)
Distilling Premise: MVD

I have a deep appreciation for whiskies from around the world matured in rich sherry casks, especially when they’re at cask strength.

This Oloroso cask, like most of my limited inventory, was sourced in a smaller 100L format.

The new make spirit comprises multiple barley types, contributing to a diverse range of flavour profiles that blend seamlessly with the sweet and nutty essence of the cask.

A small percentage of peated malt, sourced from the UK, was also included in this particular mash bill.

The aroma and texture of this whisky are vibrant and brimming with character, delivering waves of variation with each sip.

While this spirit stands out on its own, my relentless pursuit of excellence led me to explore integrating it with similar styles of Woodwater whisky that were also maturing at the time.

Adding a small portion of whisky from a delicious double matured Apera Cask was the finishing touch that completed this release, offering a malt that is both irresistible and satisfying, with notes of sweetness, darkness, spice, and smoke.

I recommend allowing this whisky to breathe in the glass a little longer before indulging in its flavours.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Baked red berry fruits, dark caramels, almond biscotti and syrup.

Palate: Fruit drops and dark honey meet dark chocolates, light pepper and spice. Some wet cigar and slightly drying.

Finish: The peat presents before nut skins and milk choc intertwine. A touch of espresso and dark toffee.

It has been our experience that they showcase their profiles, aromas and drink best around and above room temperature (between 18-23°C).

These whiskies deserve TIME, PATIENCE, and WARMTH in your glass.

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