WW Muscat Cask

Fourth Release

2024 World Whisky Awards – Silver Award
“12 Years and Under, Single Malt Whisky”

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Woodwater Bottle - Muscat Cask

Muscat Cask

Bottling Strength: 54.7% ABV
Age: 4 years, 2 months (youngest cask)
Type: Vatted Casks – 100L 1st Fill McLaren Vale Muscat cask into a 1st Fill 100L Barossa Muscat Cask + 1st Fill Barossa Muscat cask into 20L 1st fill Seppeltsfield Muscat cask
Cask No: W8.1 (91%) + W6.1 (9%)
Cask Origin:
McLaren Vale + Barrosa Valley, SA
Mash Bill: Single (Export Pilsner)
Distilling Premise: MVD

Introducing our first vatted whisky, matured solely in rich South Australian Muscat Casks. It is the heaviest cask influenced spirit from Woodwater to date.

This bottling is a wonderful marriage of two differing cask journeys…

Journey 1: Starting in a 100L first-fill Hardy’s Muscat cask from McLaren Vale, this whisky aged for 2 years and 10 months.

Due to issues with leakage, the spirit was re-casked into a 100L Dutschke Muscat barrel from the Barossa region.

The total maturation time for this journey was 4 years and 2 months.

This journey makes up 91% of the final whisky vatting.

Journey 2: Starting maturation in a 225L first-fill Barossa Muscat cask, a portion of this spirit was transferred into a first-fill 20L Seppeltsfield Muscat cask after 3 years, and was then left to keep maturing for almost two more years.

The total maturation time for this journey was 4 years and 10 months.

This journey contributes 9% of the final whisky blend.

The use of double casking and the combination of different cask sizes contributed to the creation of this weighty and distinctive whisky.

This release showcases deepened fruit notes, along with a chewy yet dark backbone, and a complex flavour profile that will be especially appealing to those seeking a richer, more intense whisky experience.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Black Cherry.

Nose: Stewed red fruits, burnt raisins and dark treacle.

Palate: Black Forest Cake and maraschino cherry lead before heavy cocoa nibs, light baking spice and tobacco ash coat the palate.

It’s viscous and chewy.

Finish: Baked stone fruits, malty snack biscuit upfront and burnt sugars before bitter dark chocolate and oak char cement a lengthy dark and broody finish.

It has been our experience that they showcase their profiles, aromas and drink best around and above room temperature (between 18-23°C).

These whiskies deserve TIME, PATIENCE, and WARMTH in your glass.

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